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Inclusion Policy

Kidstreet is a totally inclusive Nursery who warmly welcomes all children and families, regardless of need, race, religion or background into our friendly environment, and we endeavour to meet all the children’s individual needs whatever they may be.

The Nursery is very fortunate to have a dedicated Inclusion Co-ordinator (SENCO), who supports the whole nursery. Children who have additional needs, be it able, less able gifted and/or talented in our care are included in all our activities and can access all areas of the curriculum.

Our Inclusion Co-Ordinator helps and advises staff to assist in maximising the children’s development. This may be by differentiating activities, extra adult help and adapting the environment and working on a one to one basis outside the room or in small groups so that all children can access the Early Years Foundation Stage. The children benefit from and enjoy enormously this focused work.

We are committed to working closely and in partnership with parents and other professional agencies. Parents can always ask the advice of our Inclusion Co-Ordinator on any aspect of their child’s behaviour as an added assistance to the normal ‘growing up’ situations that occur at Nursery and at home. We can also help with advice regarding emotional and behavioural difficulties outside Nursery..

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