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I am as lucky as can be... The worlds best Nursery cared for me! Thanks Kidstreet Nursery for my lovely memories.

We cannot think of a better place for K to have spent this important and informative time.


“A huge thank you for providing ** with a wonderful nursery environment for the past 2 years. As you know, leaving a child in a nursery setting is a worrying time for any parent, but you all went above and beyond to make sure both she and i were 100% happy. I have always found you approachable and welcoming. It is clear a mile off that you really do care about all the children and the nursery deeply. The support you have given me regarding *name deleted*hospital treatments have been invaluable. I cried on the first day and I know I will be crying on the last. I am so proud to say my daughter attended Kidstreet Nursery. It has helped her become the wonderful, intelligent little (Big) girl who is now ready for school.

(Extracted from a thank you card)

The staff and management at Kidstreet always provided exceptional levels of care and nurturing for our children and I always recommend them to anyone I know looking for childcare.

Kidstreet was recommended to us by BUPA and has proven to be a safe and caring environment for our little girl. We chose the nursery over a childminder and have never regretted the decision. She loves to go there and has learned valuable social skills by being in such a lovely environment. Our son now also attends and is enjoying his time there.

I would suggest any caring parent take the time to visit and talk with the staff to see what a professional set up Kidstreet has in place.

Dear Kidstreet

Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for taking such good care of ** whilst he’s been at Kidstreet. I feel quite sad that I’m taking him away as I know he loves going there! I particularly wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your staff, who have a genuine love and affection for the children. I always felt comfortable with the way they made judgment calls and understood and cared about *name deleted* needs, rather than just simply following the “instructions” of a neurotic mother! That kind of care is exactly what a parent wants for their child when they can’t care for them themselves. I hope our new baby is as happy with you as *name deleted* has been._


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