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Pre School Room

The Pre-School at Kidstreet Nursery is the final room your child progresses through prior to their entry to school. Children in the Pre-School are aged 3 to 5. During this final stage at the setting the children’s education and welfare is continued and supported by a strongly qualified team.

Kidstreet also offers a second pre school room for families / parents who just require the Government NEG 15 hours funded childcare for 3 year olds. Further information with regards to this can be obtained from our office.

We also have the support of our Inclusion Officer who can help with any additional needs a child may have. These can vary from children who are less able through to gifted and talented children. (Further information on “Inclusion” tab)

Both Pre-School rooms are set up with similar environments.  Each room has the essential areas within its layout to allow for productive learning.  These areas include a:

· Role play area

· Book corner

· Mark making area

· Creative area

· Maths area

· Understanding of the World including computers

· Eating area

In addition to the above areas various other activities are set up that also helps contribute to children’s learning.  These include:

· Sand play

· Water play

· Sensory activities

· Construction play and much more!

Our Pre-School follows the EYFS curriculum and supports the individual development and learning of the children, recognising the characteristics of learning and their importance in underpinning the areas of learning to support the child to remain an effective and motivated learner..

The decision to place your child into our care is an important and significant decision. The education of your child is of significant importance to us, however there are several other important life experiences your child will learn when attending this setting.

At Kidstreet Nursery Pre-School the importance of independence is a life skill we are eager to teach. Children are able to access bathroom facilities independently and are positively encouraged to manage their own health and well-being, staff do however monitor and supervise at all times. The children are involved in a self service system at snack and meal times, where they choose their snack, serve their own meal, deciding if they want more or less and wash their plates and cups afterwards. Furthermore, children are encouraged to develop their own self-help skills, such as choosing appropriate clothing to wear according to the weather and to be able to dress themselves. These skills are taught with the support of the parents and within the Pre-school we understand and support the significant impact parents/guardians have on a child’s learning, therefore working closely with parents to scaffold the learning of their child.

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Nursery School Chatham
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